Where To Buy, Online Shopping Guide

Online Shopping Guide

Online shopping can be terrifiyng for you if you’ve never done it, but it’s actually very easy and safe if you know where to shop… I started shopping online about two and a half years ago, I’ve never bought anything online because, like many people, I wasn’t sure that it was trustable, to be honest I was scared of losing my money to some fakes site and for that simple reason I decided not to take the risk at that… Continue Reading

Inspiration: How to Wear Denim for Spring Summer

Denim for Spring

Denim is probably one of the wisest choices for spring summer season. Its comfortable, light, fresh and you can match it with everything!!  There are so many ways to wear denim nowadays, from casual everyday looks to more formal ones, denim has become a must in the wardrobe of the modern man. If you are still unsure of how you can wear denim this season, here’s  an inspiration board of how to wear denim for spring summer… enjoy! All pictures found… Continue Reading

4 Movies You Need to Watch on Netflix

Let’s be honest, there are days in wich we all need a break from our daily rutine, days in which we want to stay at home, have some rest and watch a good movie. Luckily we don’t have to spend lots of time at the video store anymore, with internet and streaming providers such as Netflix, we have the world in our hands! Lately I’ve been spending lots of time at home watching Netflix, so I came up with the… Continue Reading

Workout Outfit: The Advantages of a Great Hoodie

The Mx Dapper - Workout Outfit

I wasn’t the type of guy that used to do any physical activity or so , but for the past few month I’ve been getting up at 6am to hit the gym or for a morning run since I’m trying to have a healthier lifestyle, and I must tell you that I really started to enjoy it! I mean it helps me relax and start the day with so much energy, I’ve become happier and I’ve started to gain some… Continue Reading

I’m on T.V.

The Mx Dapper - I'm on T.V.

I’m so happy to finally be sharing with you guys the first images of me as a judge on tv. This has been really a great learning experience for me, I didn’t know how much work and focus you needed to be on TV and to speak to the cameras, it has been a challenge for me. But as every new experience it has also been fun to get to know the other judges and the contestants. Definitely this was… Continue Reading