Christmas Wishlist

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Christmas is just around the corner, so I decided to share with you guys my christmas wishlist! recently I’ve been very obsessed with the new “trend” called Health Goth, so I’m really into sneakers, caps and capes and this one from Bat Norton is just perfect wish I could have it now!! C10 MENS by Adidas Reclaimed Vintage Rounded Sunglasses – Asos Cap by Zara Bat Norton Mantle  Office Briefcase Tom Ford Book   Have you made yours?

Style and Comfort

The Mx Dapper_Style and Comfort

Style and comfort are not in an endless fight… Although many people may think that in order to be stylish you have to leave comfort a side, for me that’s not true, lately I prefer being comfortable more than anything, that doesn’t mean that I’m lazy when putting together my outfits. There are tons of way to be comfortable and look good at the same time… an example of this might be this outfit. The key in this outfit for… Continue Reading

How To Find The Perfect Christmas Present

The Mx Dapper - Christmas Presents Ideas

Finding the perfect christmas present might become a nightmare. I’m very undecided when it comes to choose the perfect present for every single member of my family, and I avoid it as much as I can…but this year I decided to take the proper time and search for the perfect gift. If you’re like me and you have trouble finding the perfect gift, I’m sharing with you three simple tips that might help you choosing the perfect christmas present, they have definitely helped me:… Continue Reading

Beating The Cold With Military Jackets Part 1

The Mx Dapper - Beating the cold with military jacket

If there’s something I like about winter is being able to wear jackets, coats, boots and more. That’s the only thing I actually like about winter.I hate cold weather, if it was up to me, I wouldn’t leave my bed all winter long, I will literally go into hibernation mood… But naturally I can’t just stay home all winter, I need to go to the gym and work… fortunately, the military jackets exist for all uf us “cold weather haters”.… Continue Reading



Follow my blog with Bloglovin As many of you know, The Mx Dapper started on March this year, after leaving another blog behind and with great hopes for the future… some of them were fulfilled and another ones where  not. Sometimes is easy to make plans, goals and think that it will be easy to achieve them, but we don’t realize the effort that its going to take to make them possible. When we found ourselves in this situation we have… Continue Reading