Casual Spring Look

The Mx Dapper - Casual Spring Lookl

Spring is the perfect time for wearing lighter colors, for me a khaki blazer, white shirt and jeans are the perfect combo for a beautiful sunny day like today. This is a casual spring look that you can wear to work or to a brunch, it’s a very versatile look that can get you through your whole day looking great every hour! La primavera es la epoca perfecta para usar colores claros,  para mi, un blazer color khaki, una camisa… Continue Reading

Inspiration: Body Goals

The Mx Dapper - Body Goals

Being skinny is not as good as many people think, people always says “omg you’re so skinny that’s so cool“, but for me it’s not, I mean its great having cero fat on my body, but its also not good looking like a walking skeleton…trust me.A few months I decided that I wanted to change my body. So I started the gym a few months ago hoping to change my body… and gosh wasn’t I ready for what was expecting me.… Continue Reading

The Purple Pants

TheMxDapper - ThePurplePants

So this last two weeks have been insane, weather has been like crazy and we hadn’t time to shoot because of it. It was literally raining every day all day long… but it seems like it’s starting to get back to normal so we had time to shoot some new looks for the blog, so here’s a new style post… I’ve always loved pants that make a statement by themselves, and this pair surely do. I’m a big fan of… Continue Reading

Meet Hector Hernandez

The Mx Dapper - Meet Hector Hernandez

I like to think that México is constantly evolving, becoming “better” in a way of speaking, respecting the new talents in almost every discipline of design and arts, and fashion is one of those disciplines that has being constantly evolving, specially menswear. Some years ago there was a lack of fashion designers focusing on menswear, since “the mexican man” was not very interested in fashion the way it is today. Luckily, the mexican man has changed, and has become more… Continue Reading

6 Ways to Wear a Biker Jacket

The Mx Dapper - 6 Ways to wear a biker jacket

When I started renewing my wardrobe I was focused on buying pieces that were so versatile that would practically match with everything. Pieces that I could wear almost everyday without looking the same, so a biker jacket was one of the first things on my list. I believe that the biker jackets are the one of the most versatile pieces out there, and since I wear mine non-stop, I decided to show you guys 6 ways to wear a biker… Continue Reading