And by effortless I don’t mean that I have an effortless style, I mean that I didn’t put any effort at all when putting together this outfit. This las days as I told you in my last post have been so so busy that I haven’t been paying much attention in what I’m wearing. Sneakers seem to be the most reasonable choice for footwear, easy to put on and they match with almost everything, the most comfortable pair of trousers… Continue Reading

Denim, Sneakers and Simple Things

The Mx Dapper - Denim and Sneakers

Oh boy do I need a haircut! There are weeks in which I get too busy with just everything that I forgot the simple things… a haircut for example, I’m the kind of guy that is always worring about his hair. I spend lots of time in the morning to get it done, I try to always keep it clean and use products that are not going to harm it… and still, sometimes I forgot to cut it once a… Continue Reading

Meet Niú Nok


I know that my blog is mainly focused on my personal style and menswear, but from time to time I like to write posts for all my female readers out there, so if you’re a girl and you love discovering new brands this post is for you! Altought I live in a pretty small city in which fashion it’s not taken very seriously, there are people out there creating amazing things and trying to make it into the fashion industrie… this… Continue Reading

Simple Days

The Mx Dapper -

There are days in which I don’t feel “in the mood” to choose what to wear, as I told you before I just make last minute decisions about it. So for this days I tent to wear sweaters and jackets, this one is one of my favorites, it has been in my closet for around 3 years now and I can’t get enough of it, I’m pairing it with my newest pair of boots. I got them on the online… Continue Reading

Leather Weather

The MX Dapper - Leather Weather

Winter is so unpredictable, at least where I live. So a leather jacket is a great option for dealing with this situation. It keeps me warm without having to wear lots of clothes underneath it and it looks practically perfect with anything. I haven’t have time to check out all the new menswear collections from LCM or Pitti Uomo, hopefully this week I’ll have time to catch up and tell you guys about my favorites… for now I hope you… Continue Reading