I’m on T.V.

The Mx Dapper - I'm on T.V.

I’m so happy to finally be sharing with you guys the first images of me as a judge on tv. This has been really a great learning experience for me, I didn’t know how much work and focus you needed to be on TV and to speak to the cameras, it has been a challenge for me. But as every new experience it has also been fun to get to know the other judges and the contestants. Definitely this was… Continue Reading

The Perfect Getaway

The MX Dapper - Parras

So this past weekend was a holiday spring break here in México, and to be honest I didn’t have any plans, I just wanted to stay at home, watch Netflix and relax… but of course that didn’t happened, a friend invited me last-minute to her hometown to spend the spring break and without thinking it twice I said yes, I literally was dying to escape my routine and this little trip was the perfect excuse. So there was literally no… Continue Reading

Denim and Sportswear


Denim and Sportswear have been lately my everyday basics, I have a literally no time in the mornings to dress up and this pieces seem like the most logical decision in my mind to rush and do everything I need to do before I get to my everyday job, and since the place where I work is a really relaxed and creative ambient, I can wear this and not look “informal”. I now its not an excuse, but “agh” haven’t you… Continue Reading

East Dane Friends and Family Sale


You know how I love online shopping, I mean it’s the perfect way to get amazing clothes from the comfort of your home with just a simple click, and I love it even more when my favorite online shops have discount codes so I can buy more and more! If you’re a shopaholic just like myself, you’ll be happy to hear that East Dane is having a Friends and Family Sale, offering up to 25% off starting today and until … Continue Reading

Casual Spring Look

The Mx Dapper - Casual Spring Lookl

Spring is the perfect time for wearing lighter colors, for me a khaki blazer, white shirt and jeans are the perfect combo for a beautiful sunny day like today. This is a casual spring look that you can wear to work or to a brunch, it’s a very versatile look that can get you through your whole day looking great every hour! La primavera es la epoca perfecta para usar colores claros,  para mi, un blazer color khaki, una camisa… Continue Reading